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Upcoming Events

Poetry Day with Women's Latin
Virtual, Via Zoom
April 22, 2023

Women Latinists: A Seminar Course

Istituto Italiano di Studi Classici 
Rome, Italy
June 2023 (Dates TBD)

"Girls Writing Latin in Italy"
CANE Summer Institute
Providence, Rhode Island
July 10-15, 2023

"Women Latinists in Florence"
Forte Academy
Florence, Italy
July 16-26, 2023

Past Events

"Women's Latin Comedy"
"Florence-Based Women Latinists"
"Giovanni Boccaccio's De Mulieribus Claris"
"Women Latin Translators"
"A Woman's Guide to the Latin Language"
"A Women's History of the Latin Language"

"Reciprocal Teaching in the Latin Classroom"
"A Day in the Life of an Active Latin Teacher"
"Latin Yoga"
"Active Latin for Authentic Texts"
"Total Physical Response for Vocabulary Acquisition"
"How Classics and the Ancient world Help Us Make Sense of the Modern World"
"A Latin Tour of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston"
"A Latin Tour of Salem, Massachusetts"
"So You Don't Teach from Ørberg: Adapting Any Text"
"Interactive Learning in a Diverse Latin Classroom"
"Teaching Etymology in Inclusive Language Classrooms"
"Changing Perspectives: Making a Paradigm Shift in Course Content"
"Musa Postuma: a Community-Based Approach to the Life and Works of Martha Marchina"
"Continuing Conversation Teaching and Fostering Anti-Racism Through the Classics"
"Over 2,000 Years of Women Writing Latin"
"Martha Marchina: A Neo-Latin Working Class Poet"

The American Classical League Virtual Institute —
Classical Association of Massachusetts

Classical Association of New England Conference  USA
Conventiculum Bostoniense — Boston, USA
Conventiculum Tarraconense — Tarragona, Spain
CUNY Hunter College — New York, USA

Early Modern Rome Conference  Rome, Italy
EdxEDNYC Professional Learning Conference — NYC, USA
Federation of State Humanities Councils Annual Conference — USA

Fordham University —  NYC, USA
Forte Academy —  London, England
GrecoLatinoVivo — Florence, Italy
Indwelling Language - USA

Lateinische Kulturmonat  St. Gallen, Switzerland
Lexington Community Education 
— Lexington, MA, USA
Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Conference
National Humanities Center — Durham, North Carolina, USA
Novae Viae Conference  — Málaga, Spain

Our Voices Conference — NYC, USA
Polis Institute — Rome, Italy
Society for Classical Studies Conference — USA
Université de Lille — Lille, France
University of Massachusetts — Boston, USA

Women in Languages Conference  Online

Skye Shirley is an enthusiastic teacher who articulates well her knowledge and understanding not only of the Latin language but also of innovative teaching methods which she implements in her own classes with great energy.   It is obvious that she loves what she does and is eager for her students to share that same love of learning.  She is a refreshing and wonderful asset to the Latin community!  I heartily commend her for all of her hard work!

~Brenda Cook,

Secretary of the Classical Association of Massachusetts

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