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Skye Shirley publishes articles, lesson plans, and poetry on classical themes.  Her interests in writing range from pedagogical and philosophical themes to practical lesson plans and language learning articles.  Her poetry, which is inspired by classical sources and includes Latin translations, has been published in many prestigious journals.  She has received several awards and fellowships for her poetry, including most recently a research fellowship at the New Bedford Whaling Museum to complete her poetry book, "Hardtack," based on the historical archives of the whaling industry.
As editor and writer of "The Shooting Star," a bimonthly newsletter distributed by Ascanius, Skye regularly publishes lesson plans which are carefully crafted for elementary and middle school students.  To become a member of Ascanius and access this valuable educational resource, click here.

Latin Yoga Tracks by Skye Shirley

Warm-Up Track, 13 mins long

Flow Track, 10 mins long

Relaxation Track, 8 mins long

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Shirley, Skye. "A Day in the Life of an Active Latin Teacher." Paper. Society of Classical Studies, 2019. Abstract available here.


Shirley, Skye.  "Ovid and the Art of Love." Lesson Plan.  ACIS, 2018.

A free lesson plan for both Latin students and students of Roman history who do not know Latin, available here.

Shirley, Skye.  "7 Ancient Places to Eat in Modern Rome."  Blog Post.  ACIS Blog, 2018.  Click here to read the post.

Shirley, Skye.  "Working to Modernize Latin Values, Along with Latin Vocabulary."  In Medias Res, 2018.

A book review of Stephan Berard's Vita Nostra Latin resource.  Accessible here.  


Shirley, Skye and Justin Slocum Bailey.  "Bostoniae cum Serena (Skye) Shirley." Quomodo Dicitur Podcast, 2018.

Skye Shirley is a guest on the Quomodo Dicitur Latin podcast.  Click here to listen to the podcast episode.


Shirley, Skye and Michael Fontaine, "How to Think Like a Twenty-First Century Classicist." National Humanities Center, 2017. Podcast.

How has the study and teaching of classics been changed by the proliferation of digital tools? ​In this podcast, ​Michael Fontaine, professor of ​classics at ​Cornell University, and ​Skye ​Shirley, ​Latin teacher at ​​Newton Country Day School in Newton, Massachusetts, discuss ​the remarkably diverse ways the information age has rejuvenated the study of Latin and Greek. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Shirley, Skye. "For the Sake of a Cloud." Humanities Moments, National Humanities Center, 2017.

A reflection on reading the play "Helen" by Euripides. To read this article, click here.

Shirley, Skye.  Active Latin.  Newton Country Day School, 11 May 2015. Web. 


An article on the use of Active Latin at Newton Country Day School and a summary of Skye's presentation on Active Latin at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of Massachusetts.  To read this article, click here.

Jefferson, Kevin S., ed.  Activitates Liberis, Volume II: Leap Into Latin. Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute, 2014.


A collection of lessons and activities in classical and conversational Latin designed especially for the elementary school classroom. Complete with background information for every lesson! Click here to purchase your copy.

Art of Love Activity_Teacher_Cover_Page_


Skye Shirley's poetry has been published in the following journals:


Mid-American Review, Passages North, Dallas Review, Post Road, Ruminate Magazine, Sow's Ear, Boston College Magazine, Deep South Magazine, Avatar Review, Susquehanna Review, The Golden Key.


Skye Shirley has received the following awards and fellowships:


Dever Creative Writing Fellowship

McCarthy Poetry Prize

Kelleher Poetry Prize

Finalist for the Lex Allen Literary Festival

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