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In April 2018, Skye Shirley founded Lupercal as a reading group for women Latinists in the Boston area.  We meet about once a month to read a different biography of a woman in Latin from Boccaccio's book "De Mulieribus Claris." 

Lupercal works to close the gender gap in Latinitas, and provide a space for women Latinists to learn from each other. Currently, many of the highest institutions of Latin learning only admit or hire men. Spoken Latin courses, lectures, and programs are disproportionately staffed by men, so this group provides a valuable space for us to learn from each other.  In 2019 the group expanded to over a dozen cities.  In 2021, we hosted our first international conference at the University of Lille in Lille, France.

Interview: "6 Questions with Skye Shirley, Founder of Lupercal" by Cambridge University Press (2020)

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