Course Offerings

Beginner Latin Class

This course is for students who have a basic knowledge of the function of noun cases and some vocabulary, but who want to advance in Latin or refresh previous knowledge.  The course uses spoken Latin and the most convincing and up-to-date research in language acquisition, and is immersive but not full immersion.  We will begin with Orberg's Lingua Latina per Se Illustrata, Chapter 5.

Latin teachers who are wanting practice speaking Latin at a basic level or who would like to see how a spoken Latin classroom is executed in an online classroom are welcome!

8 wk term, 1 hr on Zoom a week, + 30 min. homework

Tuesdays at 3pm EST

$120 for Seniors (65+) 

$140 regular tuition

To register, send Skye an email via the Contact page

  Fridays, 11-12 EST

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