Do you want to learn new teaching approaches that spark your excitement about Latin?


Have you learned Latin, but want to move to the next level of spoken proficiency?


Are you passionate about using the most recent research findings on language acquisition research to maximize your learning?



Are you a teacher curious about Latin and Ancient Rome?


Would you like practical tips to include spoken Latin in your lessons and bring a dead language back to life for your students?


Are you looking for professional development opportunities which leave you brimming with new ideas?




Are you a budding classicist who would like to experience Rome first-hand through engaging summer programs?


Are you a teacher hoping to learn more about the city that shaped so much of our modern world?


Are you a pre-teen or parent eager to explore Rome through fun activities and memorable tours?

All roads lead to Rome...

I have always believed I must imitate antiquity not simply to reproduce it, but in order to produce something new.          

                                                 ~Coluccio Salutati


Skye is a consummate professional whose creativity, kindness, and enthusiasm made the Latin lessons a joy - and also highly effective.

~Lori Langer de Ramirez,

Foreign Language Department Head at the Dalton School and parent participant of Latin Summer Rome 

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